The RISD!ALERT emergency notification system uses broadcast telephone, e-mail and/or text messaging for quick distribution of time-sensitive information to students, faculty, staff and family members.

Your RISD e-mail address is automatically enrolled in the system. Users may also designate a limited number of additional e-mail, land-line, cell phone and text/SMS contacts, for themselves or for parents, spouses, domestic partners or others to be notified in the event of a campus emergency. If desired, one phone number may be designated for a TTY device.

Depending on the event, notifications may be sent only to the primary contact or in other instances, all contacts will be notified. For example, community messages such as a weather related closing mainly impact the primary contact, whereas emergency messages are sent to all designated contacts.

In making your choices, please note these important details regarding the system:

1. Contact telephone numbers must be a direct 10-digit number with no extensions. International telephone numbers (other than Canada) cannot be used with this service.

2. The incoming Caller ID will display as 401-427-6996 when a call is coming through from RISD!ALERT. Caller ID will not display RISD or an individual name associated with this number. If you call this number, there will be a recorded message with details.

3. If you do not answer the call, the RISD!ALERT system will leave a voicemail message, provided that you have one and that it is set to pick up prior to the sixth ring. No message can be delivered if your voicemail does not pick up before the sixth ring.

4. In the event of an actual emergency, some communications systems may become overloaded or inoperable.

5. If you have certain call screening devices such as Privacy Director or Telemarketer Zapper on your telephone line, you may not receive the call. For example, with Privacy Director, incoming calls are rerouted and callers must identify themselves for the call to go through. Our system is automated, so it will not identify itself, and thus the call will not go through to a screened number. Please bear this in mind when supplying your contact numbers.

6. Depending on the applicable plan, you may incur charges for receiving cell-phone and text messages through this system. If you do not wish to incur such charges, please select another contact.

7. Don’t forget to update your contact information through WebAdvisor every time it changes so that you will always be notified in the event of an emergency on campus.