About this Site

Emergencies, disasters and accidents can happen at any time and without warning. Even though we cannot always anticipate or prevent them, we can mitigate their effects through proper preparation and response.

The purpose of this site is to do just that—prepare our community for such events. We aim to educate students, staff, faculty and parents on the steps that RISD will take in the event of an emergency. This site can also educate our community on steps that they can take to ensure their own safety in an emergency of any size.

In addition to the documents and tools found on this site, RISD subscribes to a mass notification system (RISD!ALERT) that is designed to alert our students, faculty and staff by email, phone and/or with text messages in the event of a campus emergency.

The Emergency Operations Command Team (EOCT) will ensure that the college emergency management procedures are reviewed and tested on an ongoing basis.

While RISD has devoted considerable resources to planning and preparing for emergencies, we also encourage all students, faculty and staff to take responsibility for their own preparedness by knowing what to do before, during and after an emergency situation and taking the necessary precautions to maximize their safety.

If you have any questions about emergency management at RISD please feel free to contact the Risk & Emergency Management Office at 401 454-6497 or Public Safety at 401 454-6666 at any time.