Inclement Weather/Storm Closing Procedures

Notification Procedures Prior to the Beginning of the Workday
As a courtesy to employees, a decision to close RISD due to inclement weather is generally made as early as possible. A closing announcement is sent via broadcast email, posted to the homepage of and recorded on the college’s main phone line at 454-6100.

All RISD websites – including, RISD|ce link, RISD’s main Facebook page and the institutional Twitter feed – will direct to (this website) for updated information as it becomes available.

Any decision to close the college will generally be made between 6 am and 8:30 am. In some cases, RISD may post preliminary announcements in advance of a closing decision as the progress of a coming storm is being watched. These preliminary announcements will be posted and updated at (this website) and linked from the RISD homepage at

The closing announcement will also be sent to the Rhode Island Broadcast Association cancellation/delay system to be distributed to RI-area radio and TV stations for entry on the station’s website. At the discretion of the radio/television broadcaster, the announcement may be included on the air.

In addition, Continuing Education faculty and students should check with RI-area radio and television stations, the CE homepage and CE Facebook page, or call the RISD/CE office at 454-6200 for information about CE class cancellations.

Notification Procedures for Early Closing
When weather conditions warrant the early closing of offices and canceling of classes during the day, the official closing time will be announced by Human Resources through broadcast email and voicemail messages, as well as posted online as outlined above.

Essential Operations
Due to the nature of activities on campus and the complexity of its operations, there are certain essential services that must be provided regardless of weather conditions. Essential services include those provided by Facilities, Public Safety, Dining Services, Central Control Dispatchers and Residence Life staff. Because these departments are expected to remain operational, employees in these departments are expected to report to work even when RISD is closed. Depending on the circumstances, other personnel may also be required to report to work. Managers have the responsibility to identify work roles deemed essential and to inform affected individuals in advance of their obligation.

Pay Policies
Go to the HR website for information related to RISD’s pay policies for weather-related closings.