Additional Emergency Teams

Volunteer Task Force

The Volunteer Task Force was created to manage the needs of groups who may be present on campus during an emergency response. This may include First Responders, students, parents, and staff, among others.

Volunteer Task Force Members:

Career Services
Susan Anderson
3D Store Peter Paniccia
Information Technology Services
Nancy Severance
Student Affairs Julie Talbutt
Continuing Education Beth Mitchell
Title IX Sydney Lake
Risk & Emergency Management
Jennifer Howley
Public Safety
Deborah Domaingue
Auxiliary Services
Ginnie Dunleavy


risdREADY is a voluntary program that allows employees to be part of emergency preparedness and response on campus.

The Emergency Operations Command Team (EOCT) seeks to have one volunteer from each area. risdREADY volunteers attend emergency preparedness training and act as points of reference for their fellow employees.

There is no expectation that volunteers will ever put themselves in danger! The purpose of the risdREADY program is to provide in-depth training to a group that can then bring the information back to their departments – making it possible to reach more members of our community. We want to empower and educate every person at RISD so that he or she can confidently handle whatever emergency situation arises. risdREADY volunteers help make that happen.

In the event that RISD needs to activate a Call Center, risdREADY members may be called on to help with incoming and outgoing calls.

risdREADY members:

Building Department Name
123 Dyer Institutional Engagement Suzanne Cullion
15 West ITS Anne Bulin
15 West Dining and Catering Doug Williams
15 West Library Stephen McCaughey
30 Waterman Public Safety Abe Lugo
345 South Main St Continuing Education Beth Mitchell
48 Waterman Public Safety Deborah Domaingue
Bank Building 3D Store Peter Paniccia
Benson Hall Printmaking Stephanie Darling
Carr House Title IX Sydney Lake
College Building EH&S Alan Cantara
Design Center risd:store Robin Dessler
Homer Hall Health Services Sasha Rodriguez
Market House Fine Arts Laurie Chronley
Museum Museum Conservation + Collection Care Ingrid Neuman
Prov Wash Finance Denise Siomkin
Prov Wash Registrar’s Office Holly Pimentel
Prov Wash ITS Laura Bullard
Thompson House

(Temp loc:Pine St)

Counseling and Psychological Services Joanne Duval
Waterman Building Nature Lab Betsy Sara Ruppa
What Cheer Garage Facilities Steve Johnson
Woods Gerry Admissions Carol Grabbert

International Incident Response Team (IIRT)

RISD Global Gwen Farrelly
Student Affairs Maggie Balch
Academic Affairs Ned Draper
Legal Counsel Steve McDonald
Risk Management Jennifer Howley
Media Jaime Marland
Marketing and Communication
Kerci Marcello Stroud
International Student Services Kate Sacco
RISD Global Valeria Albani
European Honors Program Ezio Genovesi
RISD Career Center Kevin Jankowski

Technology Incident Response Team (TIRT)

The Technology Incident Response Team responds to technology security issues. The response can vary, depending upon the severity of the event, the risk of further or additional damage, and the type of coordination and notification required. When computer security incidents occur, the TIRT will handle all technology-based investigative and responsive actions.

TIRT Members:

IT Services Joe Bernier
IT Services
Steve Boudreau
Public Safety
Normand Gamache
Museum Administration Glenn Stinson
Risk Management Jennifer Howley